Marilyn & the G Strings

Marilyn & the G Strings

Kirkland’s own original ukulele rock band are in the house! Known for their motto “wine drinkers with a ukulele problem”, Marilyn & the G Strings will get you “boogieing your sneakers away” with their eclectic repertoire and sweet harmonies of old and new tunes you’ve never heard performed on ukuleles, keyboard, cello, guitar, flute, banjo and harmonica before. Check the Schedule page for the latest performance schedule and goings on. Prepare to be surprised!

The band came together

on a whim back in 2009 to perform a couple tunes for a New Year’s Eve gathering of friends from the Grape Choice Wine Shop and Wine Bar in Kirkland. Band member Susan Stearns who is an accomplished pianist came up with the idea of learning to play ukuleles for the performance. None of the group had touched a ukulele before…and so it began. They played only 4 tunes that first performance and were so well received decided to push on to greatness, riches and stardom, build a “huge” repertoire and continue to perform. The rest is ukulele history heaven.

Marilyn & the G Strings

While the band instrumentation

was originally predominantly ukuleles, your ears will also be treated to the sounds of keyboard, cello, flute, guitar, banjo, harmonica, various percussion instruments, fun harmonies and a hefty dose of bass played on a bass ukulele of course!
The band's repertoire encompasses all era's and styles, from the 1920's, to Beatles, Rolling Stones, Queen, Jimmy Buffett, One Republic and everything in between!
You do not want to miss an opportunity to catch Marilyn & the G Strings, even if it's just one of their typical Wednesday evening or Sunday afternoon practices at the Grape Choice Wine Shop & Wine Bar in Kirkland, WA. Boogie sneakers are required!
For a complete list of this year's performances visit our Schedule page.


Meet the Band

Anastasiia Ermolaeva (Nastya)


Anastasiia Ermolaeva


Stephen Hornbuckle (Buck)


Stephen Hornbuckle

ukulele, guitar and vocals

Susan Stearns (Cruizin' Susan)

Cruisin' Susan

Susan Stearns

ukulele, keyboard, recorder and vocals

Dannie McKeown (Dannie 2 Scoops)

Dannie 2 Scoops

Dannie McKeown

vocals and flute

Bruce McKagan (Bru-Babe)


Bruce McKagan

electric & acoustic guitar, bass
and vocals

Sherry Calvert (Sherry Baby)

Sherry Baby

Sherry Calvert

vocals, percussion and kazoo

Timothy DeHan (timmy)


Timothy DeHan

u-bass, 8 string ukulele, harmonica, guitalele, guitar, banjo and vocals

Jeff McKeown - Goose (Rock Lobster)

Goose (Rock Lobster)

Jeff McKeown

Percussion and vocals



Song List

Marilyn & the G Strings song list contains a little bit of everything for everybody. From oldies to newies we have an absolute blast playing it all. Check back often as our song list keeps growing and growing and growing.

You can always hear us woodshedding' on new tunes each Wednesday and Sunday at the Grape Choice Wine Shop and Wine Bar in Kirkland, WA. Poke your head into the back room and have a listen or feel free to grab a glass of wine and sit in and sing with us.

Marilyn & the G Strings



Why are you called Marilyn & the G Strings?

A: Why not? ... It could have easily been "Judy & the Screamers", "Suzy & the Banshees" or "Molly and the Hangovers". The "Beatles", "Eagles", and "Hootie & the Blowfish" were already taken. But all seriousness aside, typically the bottom string of any stringed instrument is the lowest however, on the ukulele the bottom string is actually the highest pitched string and happens to be a G note. The Marilyn part just came...


Is that really a bass ukulele?

A: YES... why yes it is! It's called a U-Bass which stands for Ukulele Bass and is made by Kala Ukuleles.


Isn't the ukulele a Hawaiian instrument?

A: Not really! Actually the ukulele originated in the 19th century as a Hawaiian interpretation of the machete, a small guitar-like instrument related to the cavaquinho, braguinha and the rajao, taken to Hawaii by Portuguese immigrants. Check out Wikipedia for more info.


Why the ukulele?

A: Why not? As my dad used to say.. "better than a poke in the eye"! They are extremely easy and fun to play and it sure beats carrying around an accordion or piano!


How do you tune the ukulele?

A: The most common tuning for ukuleles other than a baritone uke is, 1st string = A, 2nd string = E, 3rd string = C, 4th string = (high) G. Baritone ukuleles are tuned exactly like the first 4 strings of a guitar. And the bass ukulele is tuned just like any other 4 string bass. More information about various ukulele tunings can be found HERE.


What is the correct pronunciation of the word "ukulele"?

A: Most people incorrectly pronounce ukulele as "you-ka-lay-lee", however, the correct pronunciation is "oo-koo-lay-lay".


Does the ukulele have just 4 strings?

A: No kemosabe!.. Typically ukuleles do have 4 strings however, you can also find them in 6, 8 and even 10 string configurations. The 6 string version doubles the 1st and 3rd strings while the 8 string version doubles all 4 strings. A 10 string ukulele is also called a Tipel. The 1st and 4th strings are doubled while the 2nd and 3rd strings are tripled.

Marilyn & the G Strings

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